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Nutritional counseling is an essential component to any healthcare regimen. While dietary recommendations are ubiquitous these days, it takes a trained professional to assist individuals in implementing realistic changes. By addressing personal philosophies about food, shopping and eating habits, barriers to change, and overall lifestyle concerns, nutritional counseling is able to encompass a broad approach to overall well-being. Registered Dietitians are specifically trained to translate the science of nutrition into practical dietary advice for healthy living. Emphasis is on total diet, overall eating patterns, and individual variations. RDs focus on the treatment and prevention of nutrition-related disease. The standard of nutritional care is based on a personal approach to diet and health rooted in food quality and self-care. Nutrition goals are achieved through various tools including diet diaries, nutrient intake analysis, personalized meal plans, and nutrition and culinary education and instruction. Many types of diets are prescribed, all with an emphasis on whole foods.