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 Reiki (pronounced “ray key”) is one of the more widely known  forms of energy healing & is considered a complete system of  holistic healing & personal development.  It is an ancient practice  using Universal Life Force Energy (or Goddess-Directed energy) for  self-healing; healing or relaxing others; developing higher  consciousness; & fulfilling a spiritual purpose.  

 Reiki healing works on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual  levels.  It grounds the body, expands consciousness, & balances  the emotions.  Reiki has been medically proven to lower blood  pressure, relieve stress & anxiety, slows breathing.  Remove  negative blocks, achieve greater balance & restore your health  through the soothing energy of my Reiki treatments.  

 Chakra Balancing Reiki ~ Balancing the Chakras is believed to  promote general health & well-being by ensuring the free flow of  life energy (aka ki or prana) throughout the entire body.  It is  believed that blockages in the flow of this vital energy will  eventually result in mental, emotional, &/or physical illness.  By  removing such blockages & maximizing energy flow, Reiki is said  to enable body-mind-spirit to function optimally.  

 Journey Your Soul Reiki ~ Take a Shamanic Journey  into the  realm of your still, quiet place & discover or rediscover your Soul’s  mission.  I use nine tools during these sessions including tuning  forks, essential oils, drums, and Reiki.  I am a spiritual alchemist  who helps seekers get in touch w/their inner being & higher self.   As a Spirit-directed practitioner I hold the gates open & guide your  Soul to its deepest aspects.  You will gain clarity, tranquility,  spiritual balance & growth after a session.  

 Sacred Touch Reiki ~ Even though touch is a basic human need,  many people in our society are touch-deprived.  For whatever  reason they are not receiving the touch required to maintain  wellness.  It has been medically proven that humans need touch to  develop properly.  In this session you will receive Reiki & light,  gentle, loving touch over most of your  body.   

Simply Reiki ~ Just the Reiki. Reiki is the most relaxing technique I have found. It is medically proven to relieve anxiety and stress and to lower blood pressure. Possible results include better sleep, mental clarity, pain relief, emotional calmness.

 Vibrational Reiki ~ I focus the Reiki on whatever your issue is  improving overall health & well-being, using a great variety of  vibrational instruments…including voice, tuning forks, drums,  singing bowls, cymbals, didgeridoo.  You will feel relaxed &  revitalized; with renewed body, mind, spirit & soul.